Any Cromemco USERS?

From: M H Stein <>
Date: Thu Jan 23 22:53:31 2003

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Subject: RE: Any Cromemco USERS?
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 09:51:34 -0500

> I'd be interested in knowing how you got CP/M onto the Cromix
> diskettes and configured for its memory model?

The hard way (and the fun way)! I wrote my own CBIOS, bootstrap,
and a program to format a diskette, cross-compiled on a modern intel
box, wrote a program to massage the compiler output into a text stream
that the ROM monitor on the 16FDC would like and then used the monitor
to run the formatter. Finally, pumped over the bootstrap, CP/M and
my CBIOS and used the sector write facility of the 16FDC ROM to write
the whole thing to a diskette a sector at a time. It was very gratifying
when the sucker booted up the first time.

MS: !!!!!! Very gratifying indeed, I'll bet!!! Wow - that's REALLY doing it
the hard way, but maybe it was the only way...! How long did that take?
> TM100 drive(s) I assume?

Actually, a pair of SA-851s.

MS: Ah yes, you did say Imsai chassis, not Cromemco...

Something about the 16FDC doesn't play nice with the IMSAI front panel.
You can't deposit or examine memory with it on the bus. Even with the
schematics, I don't see what the problem is. Do you know a solution by
any chance?

Afraid not, the Cromemcos I worked with were all essentially stock.
Someone else asked me about that a while back; apparently there
is a document somewhere talking about using a 16FDC with a front panel.

I assume you have the complete manual, esp. PP 64-65, and have set the
switches to map out the RDOS ROM? I wouldn't think the interrupt chain or
the serial port have anything to do with it, but if your front panel uses I/O
ports, I don't think they can easily be disabled on the FDC.

Sorry, wish I could help.

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