Digital AXPpci33 "noname" questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jan 24 18:51:00 2003

--- Megan <> wrote:
> >It was definitely a successful step, however it is not usable for
> >AXPpci. Just go to,
> >find your model name and go on.
> >
> >Update floppy is just a FAT-formatted floppy with srm.exe and/or arc.exe
> >and an update script. You can make yourself easily with a notebook.

That was not useful in my particular circumstances... I had to locate
the mkboot.exe program under cover of a different model off of the
aforementioned ftp site, and mkboot the AXPpci33 firmware file to
the floppy. Booting _that_ got me the results I was after.

> I found the firmware update floppy I generated for my AXPpci33...
> If the person who needs it will contact me, I'll make take an
> image of it and make it available...

If you mean me, my AXPpci33 upgrade was successful (but just in case
I've missed something, what version did you find?) If you mean someone
else, then I'll just go back to minding my own business.



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