Apple C3

From: Paul Mika <>
Date: Sat Jan 25 08:03:00 2003

Apple 3C;

I don't know if they made the hard drive. They got it from somewhere.
Very problem prone. Kept losing data and stopped working.
The company I worked for (an Apple supplier) replaced several H.D. in a
short time. Also very small. Only around 1 meg or less.

More problems than they were worth. But innovation has to start somewhere.

The 3c was finally scrapped for an IBM type machine.
Actually the name of the machine was the Apple III
The c added later for some reason.
Looked like a big Apple II. Very heavy and clumsy. No mouse.
Small clicky keyboard. Small green mono monitor.
The monitor had motors to position with a button. Sort of like modern rear
view mirrors.

Then the company started making parts for a new fangled computer that Apple
was going to feature on the 84 superbowl.
We worked like the dickens for 6 mos. to get all metal stampings done for a
30,000 pre release build. Had to be that many availible for sale before
The first new computer that I saw fully assembled with all of our stamped
parts had a clear plastic case showing the insides.
It was called a Mac. It was only 128 k but that was enough. Few programs

The rest is history.
I love my Macs and all their idiosyncricies.

Long live the Mac.

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