ibm sys/36 5360 basic needed

From: Colin Eby <>
Date: Sun Jan 26 12:15:01 2003

Bill --

I have most of the System/36 stuff... except the languages, sigh. You
wouldn't happen to have any of the SSP on 5.25" would you. I have a 5363
I've never successfully IPL'd . And while I'm turning your request for
assistance on its head... you wouldn't happen to want a 5360 would you? I
have one in need of a good home. I don't even have a garage so I'm paying
storage for the beast (2 tape drives, 2 printers, expanded main cabinet
with additional disk platters and the magazine version of the 8" floppy).
Maybe I can be more helpful if you have other S/36 needs in future. I have
a lot of the books and even a few already scanned to PDF.

While I'm begging, I don't suppose anyone out there has the Office suite
for S/36, or any interesting applications? Or maybe someone wants to be
free of a 5364 (a little easier on the electric bills than the 63, 62 or
60). My systems only have SSP, and I have a perverse desire to get some use
out of them.

Senior Consultant,
National Performance Engineeering Practice
CSC Consulting.
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