Ultrix v4.3 install on mVaxII

From: Fred N. van Kempen <Fred.van.Kempen_at_microwalt.nl>
Date: Sun Jan 26 13:38:01 2003

Short answer (top-posted, sorry): i have a kit and a readme somewhere
which allowes net.boot and net.install of Ultrix off any machine that
runs Unix. I even ported it to NT :) (just for phun, obviously).

Basically, you need:

- 200M disk space
- packet filter in kernel
- my new MOP Server

That'll boot anything, including the Ultrix install set.

Contact me offlist for more info.


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> > I own two mVax, a mVax3100 and an mVaxII, [...]
> > Is there an alternative way to install it on the mVaxII ?
> You can setup an Ultrix machine with suitable disk space to be
> a Remote Installation Server (RIS), or is it referred to as the
> Remote Installation Service? Well anyway, there's a ton of steps
> in the Ultrix admin guides explaining how to set the box up as a
> bootp/tftp server, how to set up a filesystem with the Ultrix
> software "sets," et cetera. I don't think I have that binder
> around, but perhaps Google can help...
> This link will at least explain what RIS is and how it works,
> though the whole document is focused on setting up RIS on a box
> running Digital Unix:
> http://www.tru64unix.compaq.com/docs/base_doc/DOCUMENTATION/HT

Sorry, in the time I've got I don't see any links for the actual
Ultrix OS installation guide. But that's what would walk you
through setting up an RIS server -- hopefully that tip will get
you a little closer.

Good luck,
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