Inland ProBackup 500 sought (pinouts or software)

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Date: Sun Jan 26 15:53:00 2003

On Jan 26, 9:43, Jay West wrote:

> >From a previous life, I have a perfectly fine working UPS. The brand
> "Inland - by ABI International". Model is "Probackup5000", part number is
> 19500. It has a DB9 serial port on the back for interfacing with a host
> notify it of loss of ac, impending shutdown, etc. However, I don't have
> software (for Windoze) that came with it.
> I've googled for hours, and can't come up with anything on this exact
> Would anyone happen to have windows software for it? As a last resort,
> standard is the DB9 pinout (IF I can find the pinout, no luck there
> either)... I'm wondering if I can use just about any UPS software for it.

Unlikely. However, it might be a standard serial port that you can hook a
terminal to, and see what happens. Other than that, I'd suggest a look at
the Network UPS Tools pages at I know it's
not Windows (though there's a client called WinNUT), but it will at least
give you an idea what to try and what to expect.

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