Jeff Worley...

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Sun Jan 26 18:38:06 2003

Some of you may remember that almost a year ago I posted a message looking
for Jeff Worley. I had made a purchase with him for an ATR8500 and
associated hardware, software and manuals. I had asked the group for some
help finding him as for many months afterwards he was nowhere to be found
and he no longer was responding to any emails.

Several people helped me out with his telco# and directly contacting him and
after a few phone calls his number was then disconnected. I had basically
given up all hope of either seeing my equipment or the several hundred
dollars sent to him.

Well, out of the blue several days ago Jeff contacted me and after finding
out he went through some hardship and some personal issues he had not
forgotten the deal and obligation to me and after requesting my address he
sent all of the equipment, manuals etc as promised via Fedex and it arrived
several hours ago in perfect condition.

I just thought everyone should know that Jeff Worley is most certainly ok in
my book, even though I was delayed a year in receiving my equipment, Jeff
still had the conscience and good intentions to want to square up on a deal
which seemed all but lost to me a long time ago.

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