wanted: Multia/UDB spare parts

From: Adrien Farkas <freddy_at_kotelna.sk>
Date: Sun Jan 26 18:46:36 2003

hey folks,

I've just missed a great ebay auction for Multia spare parts, does anyone
have some multia accessories they might sell/trade? I'm looking mainly
for floppy drive with cable and pci riser card with 2.5" connection (and
external scsi cable).

My multia has also burned videocard, so eventually a whole multia box
(with the above included) might be of use as well. If your box doesn't
have battery or burned the chip on the botton (common problem, afaik),
this doesn't really matter, I'm able to fix this.

Thanks in advance,
...for more info 'finger freddy_at_kotol.kotelna.sk'
Received on Sun Jan 26 2003 - 18:46:36 GMT

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