Slightly OT? Squished Boxes..

From: David Holland <>
Date: Sun Jan 26 18:53:00 2003

Yeah, I know about the tape thing... It turns yellow after a few years..

I'll have to do the glue thing... A couple of my Infocom boxes have came
"deglued" at the top/bottom.

I mentioned it to the spouse, and her thought was perhaps a little steam
and a judicious use of a iron.

I hadn't quite decided on that one.. perhaps I'll test on a less
"collectable" box. ("4D Boxing" springs to mind :-) )


On Sun, 2003-01-26 at 13:23, Sellam Ismail wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Charles E. Fox wrote:
> > I was recently given a few cubic feet of old Amiga games in
> > similar condition. About the only solution I could think of was
> > judicious use of staples.
> AAAGGGHH!!! You destroy artifacts this way. I never use any tape,
> staples etc. to mend a box. If a tear is there, I leave it. In fact, I
> remove any tape that was applied to a box because over time, that tape
> will dry out, fade and crumble away causing further damage to the original
> surface and artwork of the box. I only occasionally use glue to mend the
> seam of the box where it has separated because the original glue has
> broken down.
> I view every box of software I have as an artifact in and of itself. As
> such, it should be molested as little as possible, and preserved or
> restored in a safe manner.
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