Little old Apple computer

From: ssj152 <>
Date: Sun Jan 26 19:26:01 2003

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>Hey, my aunt and uncle were given a little old apple computer and I don't
think they use it at
>all. I don't know what model it is, but I know it's ancient. It has a
little tiny monitor
>with a green display. I think the brains of the computer are inside the
>the old Commadore 64s. The disk drive might be inside the keyboard as
well. I only looked at
>it once and I wasn't really trying to find out what kind of computer it was
so I don't know
>much about it yet.
>If this computer sounds like it might be worth something to someone out
there, let me know and
>I can find out more about it. My aunt and uncle are having kind of hard
times because my
>uncle has been taken into the army and I'm quite sure they would be glad to
sell the computer
>to someone if it's worth something.

Sounds like an Apple //c with the Monitor //c (monochrome monitor that Apple
sold for it). Not very rare or very valuable. Ebay has an auction for a
monitor //c (Item #2302608656), currently at $10.00 US. An Apple //c is also
for auction on eBay (item #2302671100), currently at $26.00 US. This will
give you a sense of the computer's worth. I am sure that a unit with lots of
accessories, software, etc. and in excellent condition, will bring more.

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