Inland ProBackup 500 sought (pinouts or software)

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Jan 27 04:38:01 2003

Message: 23
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 20:32:22 GMT

> >From a previous life, I have a perfectly fine working UPS.
> Would anyone happen to have windows software for it? As a last resort, how
> standard is the DB9 pinout (IF I can find the pinout, no luck there
> either)... I'm wondering if I can use just about any UPS software for it.

I guess you can get a meter on the various port pins and simulate various
failure modes to work out which pins signify what - if the UPS is
non-intelligent and just uses various serial port pins to signify conditions.
If the UPS forms some sort of protocol with the host you have a bit of a

I seem to remember setting up a linux box with an unknown UPS years ago, and
doing just that, but of course getting a UPS to work with Linux is probably a
little easier than Windows as you don't need any custom software. I expect if
you can figure the UPS port out and find out what the UPS software (whichever
you choose) on Windows needs then you can wire up a cable and everything should
work fine.

have a look at:

that says that a lot of intelligent UPSes can be operated in dumb mode, and
also gives specs for a few units. Probably worth a read even though it's for



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