OT: Location and GPS

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Jan 27 09:29:00 2003

> > Hi all,
> > I seen a few post where people add their location after their name in
> > the signature, I think this is way cool and give a perspective on the
> > globalization of the list.
> > I would like to strongly encourage everybody on theis list to do the
> > same and add your location.

> I may be new to the list, but my location's always been there.

Well, at least for a lot of people outside the US, the Domain Name
already offers a hint (of course except for those who equal de with
Denmark :), unless tey use AOL.

But for a total different Topic: Does anybody know about
an actual reroute for GPS satelites? I had problems with
my car navigation system: no more than two satelites at
the same time. So I also checked my other eq, and could
never get more than 3, even on a flat field outside the
city. That's quite unusual, the normal number ranges
between 3 and 7.


P.S.: Adding coordinates would be even better, for example
in the same way as they are used for web pages:
<META name="geo.position" content="48.1308;11.6156">
<META name="geo.region" content="DE-BY">
<META name="geo.placename" content="Munich">


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