Odd posting order on cctech

From: Kevin Handy <kth_at_srv.net>
Date: Mon Jan 27 09:42:00 2003

John Lawson wrote:

> I get classiccmp messages in 'burp' mode.... hours go by, then 10-40
>stream in in 15 minutes.
> Also, I know it's getting toward evening in the Western US because the
>Duell Dump takes place: Tony hitting the keys right before beddie-bye in
>Merry Old. ;}
> But seriously, message traffic from the several lists I subscribe to is
>typically 'bursty' - while a classiccmp mesage that I originate takes
>about 3 - 5 min on the average to propagate back to me in the form of a
>posted message.
Probably due to the way e-mail is handled by some servers.
They collect messages for a while, then every (x) minutes try
to forward whatever they have collected. This will cause
you to see the delays, and bursty traffic.

You can also get this with a very busy server somewhere
between you and the list.
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