From: Seth Lewin <>
Date: Mon Jan 27 15:52:01 2003

Evan R. Pauley wrote:
>> Seth/all,
>> Actually, he could be looking at a 20MB drive. Iomega produced a dual 20MB
>> box called the Bernoulli Box II, which had two 5-1/4" 20 meg drives side by
> This is the 5-1/4 unit (side by side) apparently with 20MB drives.
> The 90meg 5-1/4 cartridges fit in it, but I doubt that they would
> work correctly. Also 20meg is quite small any more. Well, I'll
> hang onto it until I find some media to go with it, or someone who
> needs it.

Now that I think about it, the 90 I once used was a single-bay unit. Worked
well and didn't seem to mind being knocked around. Worked fine on all Mac
SCSI ports w/o difficulty so perhaps it'd do as well on older PC-centric
SCSI cards.

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