'386 chip upgrade?

From: vance_at_neurotica.com <(vance_at_neurotica.com)>
Date: Mon Jan 27 18:45:56 2003

Sure. It's the Cyrix 486DRx^2. A 486 that runs in a 386 socket. You can
find one around if you look hard enough. They are explicitly supported in
the P70, but I don't know if they have a cache enabler that will work
under AIX/2.

Peace... Sridhar

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, Robert F. Schaefer wrote:

> I've got an old P70 (IBM MCA luggable w/ plasma display) with a '386DX20
> that I'm playing around with. Does anyone know if there's a drop-in
> replacement for the '386DX? I'm pretty constrained space-wise, no room for
> an interposer and barely room for a heatsink should one prove necessary.
> I'm not aiming for a fire-breathing monster, just more geek points when I
> boot AIX-PS/2 and Solaris-mca 2.6 on it.
> Thanks!
> Bob
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