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From: Andreas Freiherr <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 05:01:00 2003

Another good idea with big pictures is to set up the .JPG file to load
progressively: this causes the picture to be completely visible at the
beginning, but becoming sharper as the downloaded continues. This makes
it easier to decide if you want to wait or abort.

With most picture handling tools, this is an option to check in the
"save as..." box, usually visible only after the file type has been
selected as ".JPG".

Jules Richardson wrote:
>> Well.. I loaded up yer URLs - and 5 minutes later, when about 1/3 of the
>>first eleventy-bazillon byte .jpg had drizzled into my browser, I
>>abandoned it.
> ha ha - yeah, they were a bit big. Glad this browser's got a zoom feature.
> seems to be a common mistake people make when they first get a digital camera -
> I've seen a similar thing with scanners, where people insist on scanning a
> whole A4 page and sending that around for the sake of the tiny photo up in one
> corner.
> You learn by experience though I guess, and as someone else said it's nice to
> have the big images but some sort of warning and smaller thumbnail versions
> would have been nice.
> cheers
> Jules
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