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From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Tue Jan 28 08:26:00 2003

hi all,

I've just found someone local who's dumping a few Apple bits and pieces - a
Macintosh 2, LC3 and a Performa 400, plus a couple of monitors and
stylewriters. I said yes to them as I just fancy playing around with a bit of
Apple stuff. They all work apparently but I don't know what cables etc. they
have with them.

Can anyone tell me anything about them or point me to any good Apple websites
that will? Not sure if they make the ten year mark or not (pretty certain at
least the performa won't!) so sorry for the bandwidth...

I've got a few II's and a /// with a couple of profiles, and used LC's before
but otherwise my apple knowledge is non-existant.

I don't really have the space for them so they'll probably be up for grabs in a
few weeks time... :-)


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