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> hi all,
> I've just found someone local who's dumping a few Apple bits and pieces - a
> Macintosh 2, LC3 and a Performa 400, plus a couple of monitors and
> stylewriters. I said yes to them as I just fancy playing around with a bit of
> Apple stuff. They all work apparently but I don't know what cables etc. they
> have with them.
> Can anyone tell me anything about them or point me to any good Apple websites
> that will? Not sure if they make the ten year mark or not (pretty certain at
> least the performa won't!) so sorry for the bandwidth...

THE source on the web for the lowdown on any of these old Macs is
<<>> The Mac II (2) is a 16 mhz machine with a Motorola 68020
processor and was the first color-capable Mac. The LCIII (3) runs a 16 or 25
mhz 68LC040 (no FPU as part of the CPU); I don't recall what the Performa
400 contains. The difference between the Performa and "standard" versions of
some of these older machines has more to do with how they were sold and what
software was bundled (sometimes a slightly different version of the OS, too)
but otherwise not much. All have internal SCSI drives. The Mac II has a port
for a second (external) floppy. These machines can run up to MacOS 7.6.1 but
are quicker and more at home with 7.5.3 or even 6.0.8, which is quite speedy
on even machines as slow as these. Do you plan to display them, actually
use 'em or what? I have a slew of parts and old drives and whatnot for these
machines - the drive's usually what goes on them. By the way: check the
motherboard battery to make sure it's live (3.6v lithium). They'll boot w/o
a live battery but will lose their time and certain other settings.

Seth Lewin
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