Removing duct tape residue.

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Date: Wed Jan 29 05:58:00 2003

I've cleaned up permanent magic marker off white and beige
plastic computer components with virtually 100% success with
the following methods.

Obviously first make sure the item is turned off / unplugged /
cooled off / discharged / etc.

   I use 100% concentration denatured ethyl alcohol to remove
as much of the marker markings as possible. It will take a lot off
and leave the markings much fainter. Then I wet another paper
towel with the alcohol and sprinkle ajax or comet cleanser on it
and then scrub till it's off. This scrubbing mixture scrubs off tape's
adhesive residue very well also. I use pure white cloth like paper
towels, not printed, so the ink of printed paper towel's printing
doesn't end up back on the item.

If it's something that can be disassembled so that the plastic part
can be put in a deep sink ( or bathtub ) , I do that with a dishwashing
scrub brush first covered with straight dishwashing detergent and
then heavily sprinkled with ajax or comet. It makes a thick paste at
first and stays in place as you scrub.

To get marker off painted metal, I use acetone. Use in well ventilated
area ( outside? ) with no source of ignition anywhere near. It will take
a little of the paint layer off, so don't rub in one spot too long. It may
be changing the texture, but to me that's better than the marker
markings. You might not want to do this to valuable "collectibles",
but it was ok for what I was cleaning.

At 05:06 AM 1/29/03 -0600, you wrote:
>On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Jim Arnott wrote:
> > For cleaning computer plastics, the absolute best product I've found (in
> > the US) is Hoppe's No. 9 Powder Solvent. Found at your local sporting
> > goods store. Even removes PERMANENT Sharpie.
>Has anyone tried removing Sharpie from a chassis with textured paint? I
>have a couple of items that were marked up with a Sharpie, and short of
>paint thinner (which seems to dilute and bury the ink in the paint while
>damaging the texture), I've found nothing that seems to work.
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