Digital AXPpci33 "noname" questions

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 09:15:00 2003

--- Stan Pietkiewicz <> wrote:
> I found the .pdf OEM design guide.... The maximum tested memory is 4 *
> 64MB SIMMS for a total of 256MB. The NT / Unix differences were in the
> minimum recommended: 16 MB for NT, and 32 MB for Digital Unix.

Hmm... I have located a total of 4 x 32MB parity SIMMs and I'm at 128MB
at the moment. My experiments with 64MB SIMMs have been less successful.
I have two flavors - a pair of "Simple Technology" SIMMs with 36 16Mbit
chips and nothing else, and several pairs of SIMMs with 36 16MBit chips
and a single logic IC per side. All "work", but are recognized at
16Mbytes, not 64MBytes.

These 64MByte SIMMs were all out of "CompuHosts" - the 32-bit servers
that were in use at CompuServe from about 1994 through 2000. Also
called "silver bullets", they are in custom enclosures with beefy,
non-commodity power supplies, and sit two-to-a-shelf, side-by-side in
a *24"* rack (not 19"). Got a couple of shelves, but no racks. Anyway,
these SIMMs work in AIR-brand PC motherboards (single 486, single and
dual Pentium) and just about nothing else that I've found. Seems that
few machines added support for 16Mbit chips in their memory controllers.

Any clues as to how many varieties of 64MByte 72-pin SIMMs are out there?

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