Pinout for HP 2629b terminal?

From: James Willing <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 11:36:00 2003

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Frank McConnell wrote:

> Jim Willing wrote:
> > Well... eight 'arrow' keys (I think, I'm not in front of it at the
> > moment) with the 'usual' up, down, left, right... then diagonal (???)
> > keys, and some have the legend 'roll' on them as well...
> > I think it has its proper keyboard, but it has no numeric pad. Did note
> > an alternate numeric set in the alpha keys similar to some keypunch
> > machines...
> These make me think that it is a 2621-style keyboard. Sorry, like I
> wrote before, the 2621 wasn't capable of running VPLUS applications
> and so it was sort of shunned at the PPOE where we had one. But I
> remember it had a single group of keys with the cursor keys right
> above the numeric keys (and I think doing double duty as function keys,
> albeit non-programmable function keys).

Interesting... tho the cursor keys on this one are in two banks of four
each, horizontally above the alpha keys.

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