Overlays, GKS... (Was: Re: New to list)

From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinepw4z_at_compsys.to>
Date: Wed Jan 29 13:01:00 2003

>Andreas Freiherr wrote:

> Jerome,
> never mind:

Jerome Fine replies:

I am not sure what you are referring to. But if you don't
remember, not a problem with me.

> > Also, no one else seems to care about it in any case.
> As far as I am concerned, I have RT-11 documentation and a little bit of
> experience with some of the monitors (see? - I even know there are
> different monitor flavors ;-)), but my preferred system has been RSX:
> also full set of docs available, but multitasking and multi-user
> protection is something that would require TSX if I were on the RT-11 track.

While TSX-PLUS certainly can satisfy that requirement, the license for
the product is rather expensive. I don't know if they have a hobby
program, but I have not heard of one - although they did have a
demo license that allowed 30 minutes of usage at a time.

Fortunately, I do have my own license for V6.5 TSX-PLUS
so I am able to run it when I used to have a contract that used
TSX-PLUS over 5 years ago.

If it was helpful, I could make sure that the multi-tasking and
multi-user aspects were working correctly.

> Not that I regularly use multiple terminals at the same time, but I also
> have a PBX system at home, where I live alone.

That is a bit funny. On my PDP-11/83, I have SIX terminals sitting
on my desk under RT-11 which has multi-terminal support in the
monitor. I use RT11XM and run 5 KED sessions when I want
to edit source code. 4 KED sessions look at the MACRO-11
listing and the BackGround job makes the actual changes.

> So, it is not ignorance that makes me watch, but not participate. It is
> just lack of time.

I also have a lack of time - I am spending too much time on the
IP rights issue with Bill Gunshannon. We obviously have a
different point of view.

> >>The basic kludge with the overlay tree, developed on RSX, was to create
> >>a separate tree for the library: this made it easy to propose a
> >>framework .ODL file that could be readily applied to any user program,
> >>and then optimized for either space or speed.
> > Any possibility that it can also be used under RT-11?
> In fact, it was. If I ever get back to this project, I'll drop a note
> here, of course.

THANK YOU. For the next few years, my primary focus will
be with bug fixes and enhancements for RT-11 starting with
Y2K/Y10K for V5.03 of RT-11. I intend to make sure that
all of the code can be adapted to all versions from V5.03 to
V5.07 so that in 10 years when Mentec finally gives up and
allows hobby users full access, it will need very little change.

A few other enhancements will be a PATH HANDLER,
256 RT-11 partitions, enhancements to the SL: in RT-11.

I do have a question about the design and implementation.
If you have some RT-11 understanding and a knowledge of
the information kept in the fixed offsets from the start of RMON,
could I ask you a question?

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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