Removing duct tape residue.

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 15:30:00 2003

Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> OT: Another thing WD-40 is good at is killing bugs. It's not *the*
> fastest insecticide I've used, but it is certainly fast. It works
> great if it's all you have and the wasp is between you and the Raid.
Hmm... I'll remember that trick. Especially seeing as there was a health
scare w.r.t. fly spray not too long ago. According to Talksport, Boots and
Superdrug were recalling fly spray due to cancer fears. Strange. I never saw
any "URGENT PRODUCT RECALL" notices in any Boots or Superdrug stores. Bet
some 13-year-old called the newsdesk 'cos he had nothing better to do than
cause a bit of panic...

> I've actually been in that situation three or four times. I fear and
> HATE bugs. The last time I used WD-40 on a wasp, I also emptied an
> upside-down can of air on it as it was dying. The bug had spent the
> previous *hour* terrifying me.
OMG... You emptied an aerosol "Can O' Air" on it? Considering those things
usually contain Freon, that must have frozen it solid. Personally, I think
liquid nitrogen would have worked better. *drip* *drip* *HISSSSS* <frozen
bug drops to the floor and shatters into a million pieces>.
And you're not the only one who "fears and hates" wasps, either...

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