Lotus Signal Receiver, was Re: QUOTE or TICKER

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Wed Jan 29 19:28:01 2003

Mike, I have what I *think* is the same thing, and it is copyright 1986;
he was looking for pre 1984 or so. If you need copies of the software,
*assuming* the software I have is good, it won't be a problem. I can
bring it to TRW late this month.

Anyone know what frequency this works on, and if the supporting
transmitter is still on the air? It indicated this was a subscription
service, and I would be most interested to know how they enforced that.

Mike Ford wrote:
> At 11:46 PM 1/21/03 -0500, Jim Keohane wrote:
> > Looking for handheld quote device, ticker display or any peripheral
> > for IBM PC, Apple ][, etc. to pick up ticker broadcast via FM Broadcast
> > or geosynchronous satellite broadcast. Does not necessarilly have to be
> > functioning. User manual would be great.
> I have a Lotus box, but no software or paperwork.
> Lotus FM Receiver
> Lotus Information Network Corp.
> Burlingame, CA
> Model No. 109-13011XX
> Serial No. M1300678
> Beeps and lights blink when plugged in, so I suspect with the proper stuff
> it still works, or would if the signal were still broadcast.
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