ARM Evaluation Kit discs

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Date: Wed Jan 29 19:43:00 2003

The saga of the ARM Evaluation Kit discs continues...

I still don't have a complete uncorrupted Disc 1, which is the disc
containing the editors and assembler for the ARM. Rob, who hoped to
make a copy for me has found that his Disc 1 also has a corrupt track
in exactly the same place as mine and Kevan's. Perhaps there was a
batch of corrput discs from Acorn's disc duplicators.

Can I ask anyone who thinks they have Disc 1 for the ARM Evaluation Kit
to *please* make an effort to dig it out, and either copy it for me, or
lend it?

I now know of at least four or five people who would be very grateful.
 I'll pay for postage etc, of course, by recorded delivery if
necessary. I've worked out at least one way to make disc images that
should be accessible to a BBC Micro, so if I can get Disc 1 sorted out,
I can not only make copies for those who I know want them, but make the
images available on a website.

Thanks to those who've already made helpful suggestions about disc

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