Was Removing duct tape residue, now guntalk

From: loedman1_at_juno.com <(loedman1_at_juno.com)>
Date: Wed Jan 29 20:27:31 2003

> I always find it interesting that computer types would also be gun
>nuts. I've got a 1942 Soviet Musen Nagent (Spelling?) 7.62x54R, a 1970s
>era Savage 30-06, and a .380 handgun. Cabela's has a good stock of
>various odd ammunition sizes, including 7.62x54R.

I believe that it has to do with "protecting" our precious computers, or
maybe the family ?
BTW, I prefer muzzle loaders (45 and 58 cal) and saddle guns

                                                      Rich Stephenson
                                                      Lake Berryessa,
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