The H&H AoE book

From: Owen Robertson <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 21:03:00 2003

on 1/29/03 6:29 PM, Jeffrey Sharp at wrote:

> Due to the recommendation of several on the list, I went to the local Barnes
> and Noble and picked up Horowitz & Hill's _The Art of Electronics_. You guys
> weren't fibbing: this thing's great! I've only read about 10 pages so far,
> but it already kicks the complete _at_#$% out of the book I previously had. I
> give many thanks to those who recommended this book.
> The other book I had was _Understanding Electronics_. I don't remember the
> author's name but the publisher was TAB Books. I wouldn't recommend it to
> anyone except maybe for use as a firestarter. That book sucks giant donkey
> balls (IMHO of course).

_Understanding Electronics_, by R.H. Warring, TAB book #1553. Originally
published in 1978, second edition copyright 1984. I have it as a reference
here at my desk. Horowitz & Hill's book is in my closet piled under a bunch
of cheap DOS software. Maybe I should dig it out.

Owen Robertson
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