Digital DNAS CD request & CD list

From: Witchy <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 22:45:28 2003

Hi folks,

Been having a good look round for my DNAS 2.2 CD and I'm pretty sure it's
currently out on loan with an ex-colleague so I'm checking and will let you
all know when it turns up. I found its box but what use is that :)

While I was rooting through my boxes of stuff I found a lot of CDs and tapes
I'd forgotten about that might be useful in the future so here's a quick
list: (from memory)

Infoserver 1000
Infoserver Disk & Tape access
VXT Host software (VAX)
OpenVMS AXP V1.0
OpenVMS AXP V1.5
OpenVMS AXP V6.1
OSF/1 T1.0 is in there somewhere; need to dig that one out too.
OSF/1 V1.3
Alpha firmware updates from about v2.x up to 5.x (on floppy too)
Ultrix 4.2 VAX and RISC
Ultrix Layered Products, 1994?
OpenVMS Freeware from 1.0 to 5.0
OpenVMS Internet Product Suite 1.1
All versions of OpenVMS from 5.5 to 7.3, VAX and Alpha
Digital UNIX V3.2
Digital UNIX Layered Products
Tru64 V4.0D and 4.0G
Tru64 Layered Products
VMS Layered Product sets from around Sep 1992 up to 1999/2000, also current
LPs, VAX and Alpha (many boxes!)

Tapes (TK50):
VMS 5.0
VMS 5.2
VMS 5.3
VMS 5.3-1
VMS 5.4
VMS 5.4-2 + MUP
VMS 5.4-3
VMS 5.5-2H4 + MUP
plus there's some I remember picking up that must be in another box I
haven't found yet, like VMS 5.5, VMS 5.0-1, VMS 5.0-2, Dibol 4.2, DECwindows
MVII Diagnostics
Bootable PDP11/73 tape, probably RT/11 V5.4 & CTS300 V8.2

Yes, I'm a hoarder :o)

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