DEC RZ28 2gb drive

From: Brian Chase <>
Date: Wed Jan 29 22:59:00 2003

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Witchy wrote:

> In my old days as a DEC VAR I'd just call support on this one, but
> this is my own kit so I don't have that choice. I recently found an
> old RZ28 (Seagate drive I think, have to check) I'd forgotten I had so
> I stuck it in my 3100-90 for testing. Stuff like $analyze/disk/repair
> work fine (vms 7.3 courtesy of my last workplace :) but part way
> through $analyze/media/exercise=full the drive goes offline so it
> obviously has a Bad Area on it. Anyone know if a low level reformat is
> possible??

On the VAXstation 3100s and early MicroVAX 3100s, I believe "TEST 75" at
the console prompt ">>>" drops you into a low level formatter. There's
also a floppy formatter somewhere nearby--I think it was TEST 74 or
TEST 76. I'm not sure if these work in later model MicroVAX 3100s like
yours, so your mileage may vary. Also, it takes a /long/ time to run on
large disks; one of my 4GB SCSI drives took a number of hours.

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