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From: Andreas Freiherr <Andreas.Freiherr_at_Vishay.com>
Date: Thu Jan 30 07:23:00 2003


as I wrote in an earlier mail, my primary operating system on the PDP-11
is RSX-11M (maybe sometime /PLUS is added).

I had been modifying the XC handler once (we needed a PASSTHROUGH option
for transparent binary serial I/O to support a paper tape punch from
FORTRAN), but this was my closest encounter with "the system" so far.
Everything else was merely porting existing FORTRAN code to RT-11. I
have never looked into monitor data structures, so I'd have to collect
knowledge (RTFM) before I could make useful contributions to a discussion.

I understand Megan has a lot more knowledge and experience with RT-11,
and the discussion appears to me to be already in progress. You'll no
doubt get far better hints there.

Good luck for your project, anyway!

> I do have a question about the design and implementation.
> If you have some RT-11 understanding and a knowledge of
> the information kept in the fixed offsets from the start of RMON,
> could I ask you a question?

Andreas Freiherr
Vishay Semiconductor GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany
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