DEC Rainbow monitor in picture

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 09:37:00 2003

Rainbow afficionadoes,
        at URL

(auction title = "1985 DIGITAL AD/Rainbow Computer/DEC PC/Desq", ending
Feb. 4) is a picture of an advertisement (apparently clipped from a period
computer magazine, from the description). While I'm annoyed with the seller
(starting bid = $7.98 for *one page* of one of his old magazines??!!??),
more interesting to me is the content of the ad. It shows what looks like a
VR201 monitor and LK201 keyboard (presumably hooked up to a Rainbow, which
is not in view), running DESQ *with a color display*. The only color
monitor that I knew of that worked with a Rainbow is a VR240, and the
monitor in the picture does not look like one of those to me.

        Question: is there a monitor that looks like a VR201 and acts (ie
displays in color if connected to a Rainbow) like a VR240, or is that
advertising hyperbole? I have to say that the "color display" looks
photo-retouched in - the upper border of the windows line up with the
monitor screen edge but the lower borders do not.
                                                        - Mark
No connection to the auction.
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