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From: chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 13:02:00 2003

>French Postcards! The way it worked was that there were two pictures, one
>loaded into the first hi-res page and the other loaded into the second
>hi-res page. The two pages were then alternated to produce "animation".
>The obnoxious part was that it would play this loud trill between each
>page flips, so if you were trying to be discrete there was no chance of

That might have been it, but I remembered it being more animated
cartoonish video. Some kind of a story went with it (the two ladies came
home from the store pulled the salami from their bag, and wondered what
they could do with it).

The art quality was around that of ArtWorx's Strip Poker game.

And I don't recall their being sound with it, but I could be wrong.

The whole thing only ran 30 seconds or so IIRC.

I'll have to look thru one of the online A2 archives... someone must have
it imaged somewhere.

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