The H&H AoE book

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 13:32:01 2003

> Due to the recommendation of several on the list, I went to the local Barnes
> and Noble and picked up Horowitz & Hill's _The Art of Electronics_. You guys
> weren't fibbing: this thing's great! I've only read about 10 pages so far,
> but it already kicks the complete _at_#$% out of the book I previously had. I

I thought you'd like it... As I say, it's not the only book on
electronics that I use, and it's somewhat weak in some areas (RF stuff,
for example). But it's a good solid introduction. If you understand all
of H&H, then you'll be able to understand the other books, and work out
when they're talking nonsense!

I've been fooling around with electronics for 30 years or so, and doing
it 'seriously for at least 20 years. I still use H&H _a lot_. OK, this
probably means there are areas of electronics (many areas?) that I don't
know much about, but my point is that H&H is not a book you will quickly
grow out of.

There's also a book of experiments, called something like 'The Student
Manual for the Art of Electronics). It's good (it goes up to making a
very simple 68008-based computer). My only critism is that as it was
intended for a university course, it assumes you have some reasonable
test gear (bench PSU, 'scope, etc) available. But even if you can't carry
out all the experiments, it's worth reading it.

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