H-11A/H-27 (was ...couple of new items...)

From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Thu Jan 30 14:21:47 2003

Umm... EEK!

Did not expect the 'feeding frenzy' that this would start, so a 'bulk'
reply is going out for the moment.

Short form: everyone who inquired about this system is getting this note,
as well as the 'list' ofr anyone else interested... 'First Call' on this
system is going out to the first response received (via a separate
message). Should that person decide not to purchase the system I will
move down the list as needed...

Description: (so I don't have to do this multiple more times) <G>

H-11A chassis and P/S, H-27 dual floppy drive unit, M7270 LSI-11 CPU, 64kb
RAM (don't look like either DEC or Heath, but a nice board), (2) H-11-5
serial I/O, H27 Floppy I/O.

No docs, unless I locate a spare set.

No floppy based software, tho I do have the original paper tape based
Heath software that was distributed with the unit.

(so... if anyone has a copy of 'HT-11' tha tI could get... B^} )

Condition: decent. The 'usual' nick and ding for something of it's age.
Should clean up rather nicely with a little TLC. No signs of notable

All for now on this topic.
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