[maybe OT]: WTD: ISA bus video card + 10baseT card

From: Philip Pemberton <philpem_at_dsl.pipex.com>
Date: Thu Jan 30 15:30:40 2003

Hi all,
    This may be stretching the 10-year rule a bit, but...
    I've just bought a nice little 386 motherboard, real small thing, from
one of my friends. Catch is, I thought I had a VGA card, but it's walked.
Soo... Does anyone here have an ISA video card suitable for a 386-based
    I'm also after an ISA-bus network card that can do 10BaseT - a 3com
Etherlink III or something similar would be great.
    I'd prefer it if the video card could do at least 640x480x16 colours
(VGA) and 320x200x256c (MCGA), so that kinda limits it to a VGA or SVGA
card. 256k or more RAM. And it must have a standard 15-way VGA high-density
D-sub connector for the video output.

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