OT: Location and GPS

From: Stuart Johnson <ssj152_at_charter.net>
Date: Thu Jan 30 17:44:00 2003

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> On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Stuart Johnson wrote:
> > > >How about we punch all of our messages on to cards and post PNG
images of
> > us, using the machines at work.
> Absolutely.
> Except that the printing of text across the top is called "INTERPRET"ing.
> "VERIFY"ing is, instead a process of typing the same text again, and
> seeing if both tries matched. If so, the "VERIFY" machine would punch a
> notch in the side of the card. It was done as a way to increase accuracy.
> But we once caught a service bureau that had come up with the clever idea
> of prepunching the notches. Then they would punch the data onto cards
> that already had the "verify" notch, and save the effort of keying twice.

I SIT corrected about the VERIFY. It has been a long time, and a lot of
miles :-) Thanks!

Pre-verification - HAHAHA ROFLMAO - I'll bet they were proud of themselves
too! Sounds like a management decision, right out of Dilbert. Trouble is, I
believe you - I worked with people like this. I guess most of us do/did.

Try this one on: when I was but a young man, and an electronics technician,
I was given a project to make an easy to use EPROM programmer for the
production folks in our factory. I used a Heath monitor and a STD-BUS Z80
card to control a STD-BUS prom burner card. I delivered it and the
manufacturing folks LOVED it. Menu driven, easy to use... Sometime later
(weeks) they reported it was broken and could I fix it? To make a long story
short, the manager complained in front of his folks that it took too long to
burn a set of EPROM's. One of the technicians, being a bright fellow, took
it upon himself to patch a copy of MY EPROM for the EPROM programmer and
shorten the timing so that it would go faster. The manager was proud of him
and thought that HE (the manager) had SHOWN those folks in ENGINEERING that
his folks had no flies on them... and it worked, barely, until they bought a
different lot of prom chips. This was the last time I delivered a package of
documentation w/source code, listings, floppy media, etc. to manufacturing!
Guess whose ass got chewed for this?

Stuart Johnson
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