AS/400 OS/400 Hobbyists?

From: Matthew Sell <>
Date: Thu Jan 30 22:29:00 2003


I'm intrigued by the availability of AS/400 machines ; the prices are
within grasp of the typical mainframe/minicomputer enthusiast.


What are the licensing methods available for OS/400? I'd really love to get
a PPC AS/400 and run Linux under control of OS/400 using the partitioning
scheme. The idea of running several Linux instances on a nice cool-looking
chunk of IBM hardware sounds really neat.

(And yes, I have heard of and used User-Mode Linux on x86)

I've seen a few messages regarding home users of AS/400, and the messages
aren't very positive with respect to using one of these machines for
home/hobbyist use.

Does IBM have a hobbyist program similar to what is available for OpenVMS?
Do licenses for OS/400 expire and start shutting down CPU availability in
the machine?

Are licenses applied to OS/400 such that you have to "plug in" licenses to
enable certain hardware/software components?

It think it would be really cool to work with an AS/400, but only if it
doesn't start shutting down and beg for license renewals!

Thanks for any insight that you IBM gurus have on this....

         - Matt

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