The Fools Errand (Was: Sierra Adventure Games)

From: tim lindner <>
Date: Fri Jan 31 07:59:01 2003

> So who remembers "The Fool's Errand" on the Mac---waaaay back!
> Did it ever get ported eleswhere? I never quite got all the way through
> it-IIRC.

I just finished it yesterday. With much help from the solutions guide and an
electronic spelling dictionary. :)

Cliff Johnson has downloads for Mac and Windows of various games.

One sad thing about the version of _The_Fools_Errand_ he distributes it has
no sound. He removed all of the sound from TFE becuase it caused any Mac
newer than a MacPlus to crash.

Anybody have a copy of TFE that still contains sound?

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