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From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Jan 31 08:49:01 2003

>>Anyone know where to get a copy of Virtual Valerie? I
>>remember hearing about it years ago.
>I might have a copy... I think I also have VV2. I'll take a look later
>and let you know.

Ok, I have Virtual Valerie, but now I have changed computers and your
email address is on my other computer... so I'm letting you know via the
list, sorry.

I don't see Virtual Valerie 2 in my list of software, but I thought I had
it as well... alas if it isn't in my database, then I can't say for sure
where it would be (I do have a ton of software that hasn't made it into
my database yet, so I can't rule it out... but I can say that it isn't
something that will surface soon).

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