GRiDCase 3: Help!

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Jan 31 19:08:43 2003

 There's an EPROM set-up for the Grid 15xx on the Yahoo
Grid mailing list, but without the documentation, that
might be similiar.

 I'd like to see your files if you can find them.


On 30 Jan 2003, , Dave Mabry wrote:

> Maybe I shouldn't speak until I find what I will talk about,
> but here goes anyway. I used GRiD computers extensively
> during their "hey day" and I have several versions of the
> GRiDCase models. There was a program that I have somewhere
> that allows you to create MS-DOS bootable EPROM images and
> put files onto EPROMs for that series. It has about 10 or
> 15 pages of documentation. I will look for it all, scan it,
> and make it available to anyone who would like it. Let me
> know if it is worth the effort for me to do this. As long
> as there are a few who would use it I'll do that. Just
> reply to the list and I'll watch for interested folks.
> For a while I had a gridcase powering up each night about
> 3am, running a program that would recalculate on and off
> times for a bunch of X10 modules based on sunset and
> sunrise, and send that new schedule to the CP292 controller
> module through the serial port. All that was done on a
> simple GRiDCase 3 (the one with the plasma screen) and
> without any hard drive or floppy. It was all orchestrated
> from a single EPROM (or maybe it was two) that contained the
> boot code, and autoexec.bat, and the X-10 program. The last
> command it would issue to the CP292 X-10 controller was a
> command to kill the power to the GRiDCase itself. Every
> night at 3am this sequence would repeat. I thought that was
> a cool application for a ROM-based PC.
> Over the years Grid eventually removed the capability to
> store programs on EPROM, but I think it remained up through
> some of the 386-based GRiDCase models.
> Joe wrote:
> > I don't remember which model Grids I have but I've had
> them loose > their settings due to sitting too long and
> then they they couldn't > access their hard drives. All of
> them had a little door on the left > side above the
> keyboard with EPROM sockets in them. I finally found > one
> that had a EPROM in the socket. With that I could boot any
> of > them to a ***virtual*** C: drive and then update the
> settings and > then the computer would boot on the real C:
> drive even with the EPROM > removed. I've been meaning to
> make some copies of that EPROM but I > don't have a working
> EPROM burned that will burn that EPROM (27c010 > IIRC).
> FWIW none of my Grids have a floppy drive. The floppy drive
> > is external and I've never been able to find one. > > Joe
> > > > > At 07:04 PM 1/29/03 -0600, you wrote: > >> I not
> too recenly picked up a GRiDCase 3 with 2 "GRiD Disc System
> >> 2204" external hard drives. Just yesterday they both
> started acting >> up on me. It would initially spin up when
> you turned it on, but >> after a few seconds they would
> just kick off. A few seconds later I >> get a "1702"
> message on my screen. >> >> I'm lead to believe that there
> could be a configuration problem >> somewhere, but I'm not
> 100% sure on this. >> >> My questions are: >> >> 1. What is
> going on here? 2. How do I fix this? -- David Vohs >>
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