Cool external FD by Nintendo

From: David Vohs <>
Date: Fri Jan 31 22:52:00 2003

Now you've went and found something out of the ordinary. Well, from an
American standpoint, anyway.

The FDD you describe is an external 3" (*not* 3.5") drive that plugged
into the main unit, this would prove to be the item that kept the Famicom
alive until cartridge production prices dropped to acceptable consumer
levels (at its release, game carts. were 4,500+Y, new!) . The FDD uses 3"
disks, similar to the ones that were popular (for a time) in the European
computer market in the early 80's.

I'm not sure if you can use this with an American NES, but I don't ever
remember seeing a connector on the NES other than for controllers,
cartridges & video out.

By the way, it was meant to run off batteries, so you could do well
without the AC adaptor.

On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 19:26:35 -0600, "Keys" <> said:
> Today at the thrift I found a red case/black face/yellow button external
> 3.5
> FD by Nintendo model HVC-022. Most of the writing on it is in Japanese.
> It
> was missing the ac adapter and cable. Copyright date on it is 1985.
> Anyone
> else have one of these?
  David Vohs
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