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From: Peter Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Thu May 1 17:24:00 2003

On May 1, 10:14, steve wrote:
> there is tons of stuff on the net, try
> http://dcoward.best.vwh.net/analog/
> for good introductions, all analog computer are
> basically the same, the biggest difference is how many
> op amps they have, and that limits what you can do.

While that's true for most modern *electronic* analog(ue) computers,
it's not a good generalisation. What about things like Vannevar Bush's
differential analysers, gun directors, Norden bombsights, various
electro-pneumatic or hydraulic computers, or the G-star analog
"computer" used by CalTech at Mt Palomar?

I seem to be in pedant mode today (as Ethan's discovered, possibly) and
I couldn't resist pointing out some alternatives :-)

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