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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu May 1 18:56:00 2003

> > Is it time to repost the story of the 'Danger Implosives' sign :-)
> A good story is always worthy of repetition!

Yes, but this is not a good story :-). However, here goes.

I was taking a DEC computer (I can't remember if it was the DECmate2 or
the Rainbow, it dowsn't matter) from Bristol to London by train. I'd
checked that such things -- in particular, CRTs -- were allowed on
trains, and discovered that portable TVs were certainly OK (and the VR201
has much the same CRT as a portable TV).

I but the LK201 keyboard on end in the inside pocket of my raincoat. The
cables, etc, in the other inside pocket. The CPU box under one arm. And I
carried the LK201 by its handle in my other hand.

While I was proving I could do this, somebody remarked on the similarity
in shape between the VR201 (carried like that) and some kind of
mine/bomb. This was too much to resist, so I got a red pen and made up
some 'Danger Implosives' signs which I stuch to the sides of the VR201.
This was before the current panic over terrorism, of course. Thus
labelled, I carried the machine onto the train and to London. I got some
very odd looks ;-)

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