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>I would be interested to learn more about the Heathkit EC-1 analog computer.
>So far I only found pictures and specifications on the net. Is there a
>website that actually explained how this machine worked and/or what it
>could/can do.
>Even more are there informations about "programs" that this machine could
>I have to admit that the "analog" times of the computer age was a bit before
>my time, but I really would love to learn more about it.

Others have already posted some good information on this. However,
I thought I'd mention a little thing I wrote up as a handout
for a class on the history of computing I taught several years
ago. You can find the html version at:


and a PDF file at:


It's not an in-depth treatment by any means, but it does give a
run down on the basic math behind how they work.

Brian L. Stuart
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