More DEC Stuff Coming

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Fri May 2 01:34:00 2003

No idea, does it have somthing to do with Uma Thurman which he mentions alot
about in those articles?

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> On Thursday, May 1, 2003, Tony Duell wrote:
> > I got a red pen and made up some 'Danger Implosives' signs which I stuch
> > to the sides of the VR201. This was before the current panic over
> > terrorism, of course. Thus labelled, I carried the machine onto the
> > and to London. I got some very odd looks ;-)
> When I was a bit younger I read PC/Computing. Penn Jillette used to write
> the back page, which I loved to read. In one issue, he recommended that
> people put commands in their AUTOEXEC.BAT file such that their computer
> would count down from 10 upon bootup, as if preparing to detonate. He
> suggested that this be done to have fun with the security people at
> who ask you to turn on your laptop. I wouldn't try this today! :-)
> I loved the back page of PC/C. As my special homage to it, at every job
> I've had, I have introduced the term 'Thurman unit' into the corporate
> vocabulary. Anybody else here remember what a Thurman unit is?
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