H89 disk formats?

From: Patrick Rigney <patrick_at_evocative.com>
Date: Fri May 2 12:29:00 2003


I was going through a stack of HUG diskettes last night just taking stock of
what I have, and lo and behold, I have a utilities disk with a HUG-modified
H-17 driver that supports two-sided 40- and 80-track drives (hard sector
still, of course). Judging from the instructions, it seems that basically
replacing SY.DVD on a disk with this new driver (and of course, having the
right drive in the machine) would get it working. It seems plausible that
the disk could have been made on a system with this driver. It comes with
assembly source as well, and even versions for machines upgraded to 3- and
4-Mhz operation. No mods to the controller itself appear to be necessary.
Let you know if you'd like a copy.


> >From: "Don Maslin" <donm_at_cts.com>
> >
> >Dwight, I would assume that they were done on a 96tpi
> >floppy drive.
> > - don
> >
> Hi Don
> That is what I figured. I've been working on my serial
> bootstrap and transfer program. I'm able to read and
> write an image to the H89 but I'm still having issues
> getting the formatting to work. I copied some old
> code that I have in the Fig-Forth that I did but it
> is still missing something. I even went back and ran
> the Forth FORMAT and it works fine. I suspect there is
> some other initialization that I'm missing. I looked at
> one stretch of code and there is an operation that should
> always hang. Can't figure why the original works. It
> may be something connected to the timer interrupt that
> isn't normally there. I wish I'd made good notes when
> I did the original but this was one of my first computer
> projects, after working on my Poly88, and brain rot
> is now catching up with me.
> Once I get the format working, I can work on cleaning
> up the user interface. Looking at the 96 stuff is a
> little later on the list.
> Dwight
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