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From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Fri May 2 18:12:17 2003

>From: "Ethan Dicks" <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
>--- "Dwight K. Elvey" <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> An interesting side note. The power steering of your
>> auto is an example of an analog fluid amplifier.
>> Dwight
>I don't think _my_ auto (1968 Beetle) is an example of that. :-)

 Actually, now that you mention it, my '68 Fiat 124 Spider
isn't either but it does have a vacuum booster on the master
cylender. I guess well have to buy newer examples of
analog amplifiers.
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