Analog (was: Heathkit EC-1

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Fri May 2 18:34:00 2003

> > > An interesting side note. The power steering of your
> > > auto is an example of an analog fluid amplifier.
> > I don't think _my_ auto (1968 Beetle) is an example of that. :-)
> Well, now - not so fast! While your Bug may not have power steering, if
> it's got an automatic transmission - then I submit that:

A 1968 Beetle would either have a manual transmission, or the Awful Shit
Stick (manual shifting, but a torque converter instead of a clutch). The
type 3's (squareback, etc) were the first to have a real auto
transmission, and it is unlikely that ANY beetles with the semi-automatic
are still running.

Analog computers are the closest thing to "REAL" computers, since floating
point, as it is commonly implemented, are NOT "REAL numbers", no matter
what any FORTRAN compiler might claim.
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