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From: Bob Clark <bob.c_at_dial.pipex.com>
Date: Sun May 4 02:16:20 2003

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From: Bob Clark
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Sent: Saturday, May 03, 2003 3:35 PM
Subject: Viewfax 258

My god what a week this has been for finding old friends. First Bill Olivier,
then Sue wakes me up this morning (or afternoon possibly) - there's a Lindsay
Reid on the phone, would I like to talk to him? What, talk to Lindsay for the
first time in 15 years, yawn oh ok then if I must.

This three days after we had complained that Lindsay had gone completely
unfindable on the web, and was obviously dead. What we didn't do of course was
try www.viewfax.com.

Lindsay was ringing to ask if anyone remembers or better still knows a man
from the olden pirate radio days called Richard Fox-Davies, aka Dick. This
name rings strong bells with me, but I can't remember why. Anyone?

(My extensive researches this afternoon reveal that his books for kids are
still popular in Western Australia, assuming this is the same guy:
xact&FF=afox+davies+dick&1,2 )

This may be a justified cause for an NTK (http://www.ntk.net/) appeal Dan,

... the good news is that Lindsay still has Viewfax 258 backed up on 5.25"
floppy disks. There's quite a few disks, and we'd have to sort through them
somewhat to find the Gnomey bits. But Lindsay is happy to loan his disks to
Glyn the man with the archaic hardware, all he needs is his address. Then he'd
like his disks back. I figure we could probably blow the lot onto the first
quarter inch of a CD for him.

So our dream may come true and we'll have both the Gnome on Prestel and the
Gnome at Home splurged all over our shiny new web site.

Meanwhile, please admire my wonderfully wonky first-stab character set one
more time...


PS Late-breaking news, Peter Turnbull rediscovered too:

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