Trenton Computer Festival

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon May 5 15:59:01 2003

--- chris <> wrote:
> Sounds like there was FAR more to be had on Saturday than Sunday when I
> went... Looks like next year I go on Saturday rather than Sunday.

The same can be said for the Dayton Hamvention - the *really* interesting
stuff is to be found by fellow sellers when setting up the night before.
The best thing for mere attendees (like myself) is the opening rush at
dawn on Friday. All day Saturday is OK, and Sunday is bargain day,
especially after noon, and especially if the weather has been crappy
(that's how I got a PDP-8/L tagged $250 for $35, 21 years ago... Sunday
at 16:00, during clean & packup, after three days of rain).

So... best selection: as early as possible. best price (of whatever
is left): as late as possible.

Bargains can be had anytime, but unless you are looking for stuff
that nobody else is looking for, or unless it's the year that some
technology hits the wastecan (like MicroChannel boards did a number
of years ago) and is in abundance well beyond demand; chances are,
someone will beat you to it (like the $20 uVAX-III w/dual DESQA that
Mitch Miller beat me to last year on Friday morning!)

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